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Some time has passed and I have learned lots.

I gave birth to our daughter August of 2011. And boy has my life certainly been interesting, and blessed. Our little Hana is truly a joy; minus the whole sleep thing. We got none of that the first month. I started to go into labor at about 9pm on a Wednesday. I had just sent love out for some highly unhealthy food because well I know my over eating days were numbered. And wouldn’t you know it our little one decides there was no time like that time to want out. So I started having some very real contractions. Of course being my unprepared procrastinating self, I did NOT have my ‘Go’ bag ready to well GO. So I followed my birthing instructors directions and waited and timed everything before calling L&D. So after 2 & 1/2 hours of laboring at home I could no longer stand that pain and off to the hospital we went.

For those new moms reading this I would suggest the epidural. I know you may have a birth plan and that plan does NOT include one but it WILL make your birth experience muuch more enjoyable. The needle is not scary and it really only took a total of 7 mins if that. So really think about the pain of it all when those first contractions take you by surprise, you should know they WILL only get worse. 

After I got the epidural I fell asleep for about 3-4 hours and woke up 6cm later. It was wonderful. After a few hours of labor our beautiful daughter was born. That first night was pure adrenaline. I was up for 24 hours straight. Love on the other hand? He was out, like a light. Boy I tell ya you would think he had just spent 12 hours getting ready to have a baby. 

Now this is all just a recap of how my wonderful life as I know it to be now came to be to begin with. Motherhood starts with the birth and continues on for the rest of your life. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing; it may be trying at times but there is nothing as great. So please sit back and relax while I share all I have learned from my little girl in these last four months.

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